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Family/Living Room

The living room is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. For some people, it is a formal entertaining room. For others, it is a room for casual, everyday usage. While there is no right or wrong way to use your family room, there are certainly several ways that Dufferin Tile can help you finish it.

Living Room Floors: Depending upon the style and formality of your home, it might be quite desirable to use a nice porcelain or natural stone tile on the floor of your living room.

Many porcelain tiles these days are created with design and beauty in mind. Using such tiles in your family room can grant a sense of luxury and formality that is not available with other flooring options. Quite often, an expensive area rug is placed in the center of the family room, and it requires a beautiful canvas to set it off. While hardwood is also frequently used for this purpose, hardwood will have a limited range of colours to best set off your rug and will often be significantly more expensive than tile.

Natural stone will lend its own beauty to the formal living room. With many homes using natural stone across much of the main floor, it is commonly brought into the living room to add that touch of elegant beauty.

Granite Accessory Tables: Coffee tables and side tables, they are not just places to put a book or a drink. In fact, there are companies that make a living off of doing nothing more than building unique and beautiful accessory tables.

And if you are looking for beauty and luxury, why would you not use natural stone?

Using natural stone to build side tables and coffee tables is not a new idea, it is simply not a common thought in North America. Wood is the natural building product here, and as such, many accessory tables are made from it. However, there is always the concern about making certain that a coaster is available so as to not damage the wood.

Using a natural stone to build your tables will be more common as our marketplace becomes more familiar with the product. It was not too many years ago when putting natural stone on our floors or countertops was seen to be a luxury available only to the elite rich. Imagine at that time, how people would have responded if you suggested making accessory tables out of that expensive stone! Yet in market today, granite countertops are one of the most popular and frequently installed items in the modern home. Modern home builders are now shouting from the rooftops that they are including them standard into their new homes.

The logical conclusion of this, of course, is that natural stone accessory tables will soon be included into the mainstream North American market. So why not customize your own? Choose the colour, the dimensions and a even select a profile to match a granite countertop or table in another part of your home! Any way you look at it, these tables can make a great addition.

Fireplace: In the heart of many family rooms and living rooms these days, is a fireplace. In addition to the traditional wood fireplace, these days we find that the gas and even electric fireplaces are becoming an extremely popular feature to add into the family room.

To further enhance the look of these fireplaces, it is quite common for granite slabs to be installed inside the mantle piece around gas fireplaces. The granite compliments the wood of the mantle quite nicely, setting off the entire piece for the enjoyment of everyone.

The most common place to find natural stone around a fireplace is in the hearth. Depending upon the style of the home (and family room in particular) polished granite tiles, tumbled marble tiles and quite frequently slate tiles are used to place additional beauty. The traditional wood burning fireplace required stone (And more modernly, brick and concrete) to enclose the area. The use of stone tile is a great way to naturally enhance the beauty and comfort of the modern fireplace

Half-Walls: It is not uncommon these days to see half-walls built into living rooms and family rooms. The half-wall gives a visual separation of rooms, while still allowing for a great expansion of visual space. However, the half-wall can also be a feature in and of itself. Beautifying the half-wall with a small slab of granite or marble will add that luxurious touch of class and elegance to your home.

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