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Laundry Room

For many people, the laundry room was not a room at all, it was simply the corner of the basement where we had the appliances. For some people, it still is. But the concept of the laundry room is constantly growing in modern society. Now basements are becoming fully finished; laundry rooms are created on the main or even upper floors to bring the appliances closer to the laundry (and to help us avoid making so many trips across multiple staircases). Now these laundry rooms are a part of the mainstream household, and need to be treated as such.

Laundry Room Floors: The floor of your laundry room is most likely going to be tiled. There is often a great deal of water getting on this floor, between the tub and the washing machine, that it makes any other flooring impractical.

So what type of tile should be chosen? In general, it largely depends on the layout of your home and location of the laundry room. If there is a mud room entrance also available into the garage, the more durable porcelain tile is strongly recommended. If you have other tiled floorings of natural stone, porcelain or ceramic, adjacent to the laundry room, it is often considered proper to continue those floors into the laundry as well.

However, the basic requirements of the laundry room does not demand anything more than the common ceramic tile. For many people, a room sectioned off in the basement or on the main floor, which has a constantly closed door is a great place to save a little bit of money, using a less expensive ceramic over a more expensive porcelain or natural stone.

Laundry Room Walls: Because of the water usage in this room, it is very common for people to place tiles halfway up the walls, usually between forty and fifty inches high. This is done to protect the drywall, and to keep the laundry looking presentable. The general rule of choosing a tile for the laundry walls, is to base it off of the floors. If you have an upgraded floor, then you will want an upgraded wall. If you have a basic floor, then you will want a basic wall. Luxurious or plain, you will find that Dufferin Tile has a wide selection of tiles to help make sure you protect the walls carefully.

Granite and Marble Countertops: With natural stone countertops having become so popular, it is hardly a surprise that they are being used in many place beyond just the kitchen. Many laundry rooms these days have an extended counter with cabinets for storage. If your floors are upgraded, and natural stone countertops are found elsewhere in your home, it is encouraged for you to also consider a granite countertop for your laundry area.

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