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We all know that at the heart of our homes is our kitchen. For many of us, the first place we look to when sprucing up our homes is a kitchen renovation. Dufferin Tile is able to provide you with many of the things you will be looking for when renovating your kitchen.

Dufferin Tile can provide you with a wide variety of solutions for your backsplash, floors and even for your countertop.

Kitchen Backsplash: Kitchen backsplash styles vary to suit the needs of the people who live there. From Glass Mosaic to Porcelain Tile to Tumbled Marble, there are many different looks, and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

So how can you choose?

As we stand today, Tumbled Marble tends to be the most popular option for kitchen backsplashes. Since most backsplashes tend to be smaller square footages, the higher tile cost tends to be a small issue for many home owners choosing instead to acquire the unique beauty of natural stone. As natural stones are porous, it is important to coat the marble with a sealant to protect against staining.

Another common choice is the porcelain or ceramic tiles. Typically using the (4x4) or (6x6) sizes, the porcelain and ceramic tiles often have matching decorative inserts and listellos to help enhance the backsplash they are decorating. It is also common for several of the lines of porcelain tiles to have matching floors and backsplash tiles, for those home owners who wish to create a strong and consistent theme in their kitchen.

Glass mosaic is still new enough to the tile market for many consumers to be cautious in its use (having never seen it installed) or to even be completely unaware of its existence as a backsplash option. This does not change the fact that glass has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it produces a look which cannot be duplicated. At Dufferin Tile, we carry a crystal glass mosaic which is a bright, airy option for the home owner who wants a lighter, more unique and modern look in their kitchen.

Kitchen Floors: It is almost certain that the busiest floor in your home is the one in your kitchen. To further complicate things, the right (or wrong!) look in your kitchen can seriously impact the over-all value of your home. So what is that right look? The wrong look? and how will you know what to look for to improve your home?

To start things off, the "right look" will be something different for each individual home owner. It is important to remember that at the heart of your home, is your kitchen, and the look of the other rooms in the house will often flow out from the tone set in your kitchen. Is your home Formal? Casual? Classic? Modern? All of these types of general themes can often begin from your kitchen, each being an extension of the home owner's taste and desires.

While style and design can be a very personal choice, the materials used are somewhat less flexible. At Dufferin Tile, we offer Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile and Natural stone to cover your kitchen floors.

For decades, white clay ceramic tiles have been the traditional choice for kitchen flooring. The fantastic selection of colours and styles, combined with the added value of durability and low cost, continue to make white clay ceramics a popular choice in many kitchens. At Dufferin Tile, you will find that none of our ceramic tiles are red-clay; even on our most fantastic deals, you will find that all of our ceramics are white-clay.

For the majority of home owners, Porcelain tile has become the prime choice for kitchen flooring in recent years. Bolstered by the exceptional durability under high traffic conditions in combination with a wide variety of colours and finishes, the porcelain tile is the most practical flooring option for the kitchens of the 21st century.

Natural Stone has become a popular choice for many condominiums and estate homes. The expense of acquiring and installing natural stone has been compensated with the knowledge that natural stones retain their value much better than their man-made counterparts.

Kitchen Countertops: These days, it seems like everyone is finishing off their kitchen countertops with something special. Gone are the days when affording a granite countertop was limited to the rich and famous. Instead, the time has come for the average family to be able to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Dufferin Tile has been involved in the manufacture of granite countertops since the 1970's. Since we import our own slabs, this means that you can see much of the process first-hand. Pick the granite slab which suits your kitchen best, choose a profile that will add just the right finishing touch, and enjoy a little luxury in your home.

It is important to remember that Granite is a natural stone and, as a result, has special needs. A sealant should be applied to the granite surface to help protect the stone. To further ensure that proper care and maintenance are performed, acidic or abrasive cleansers should never be applied.

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