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While most people do not give too much thought about what goes into their garage (beyond hopefully their car along with storage for all those items which you can't find a home for inside the house!) Dufferin Tile has some suggestions if you do decide to spruce things up a little bit.

Garage Floor: For some people, oil stains on a plain looking concrete slab are not very appealing. But, it is the garage, what can you do?

What many people are discovering that they can do, is to use a through-body porcelain tile. Most notably, you see them in car showrooms quite frequently. Installed properly, they can easily withstand the weight and wear from your vehicle. It will also provide a more appealing presentation than the plain concrete pad that currently exists there.

Having a tiled floor in your garage can give you a nicer, more comfortable look in a room you probably thought you could do nothing with!

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