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The vestibule is one of the most important areas of your home! Much of the value of a home is contained in not only the curb appeal, but also the presentation inside the house. We all know that kitchens and bathrooms are important, but the front entrance is often overlooked in that regard. If someone is looking at your home (either to purchase or even just visiting for the first time) the foyer gives them that first impression of the inside of your home. Of course, that first impression will influence how they see the rest of your home, so it is very important to leave them with that good first impression!

Foyer Floors: The floors in your vestibule are going to be the most commonly viewed feature. Depending on the configuration of your home, the foyer might open up to a grand staircase or you might be able to see right through to the kitchen and into the backyard. Depending on the nature and layout of your home, the floors for your front entrance should be selected carefully to suit.

Durability is probably the strongest concern that exists for a front entrance. With salt, stones and all sorts of invading elements being brought in from the outdoors, selecting a durable tile is important to ensure that this good impression will last a long time without having to replace it. It is for this reason that very few homes ever use a hardwood, where scratches and water damage are serious problems. The strength of a porcelain tile is most commonly used to protect the investment in your home.

Of course, the beauty of the floor is nearly as important as the durability. The challenge that most of us face is trying to combine the two. So what are our options? The first rule for the stylish choice, is to look for any marketable features in your vestibule. Do you have a solid wood staircase? Some art niches? or maybe even a granite step overlooking a sunken entrance? If you can answer "yes" to any of those questions, usually you will want to find a more subtle looking tile which will contrast against and display those features. If your answer is "no", you will usually be looking for a tile that is a little stronger in its nature, perhaps a natural stone. Something that will give people cause to look and take notice of that nice looking floor. Remember, in order to make that good first impression, you have to have something noticeable to make any impression at all!

The last issue is that of consistency. For many houses, if they are not overly large, it is common to take the tile from the foyer and run it through the hallway and into the kitchen. This consistency will help make a smaller home appear much larger. Just be careful about doing this in a larger home however, making a large area appear even larger will sometimes just make it look empty. If you want to have consistency in your floors for a larger home, it is strongly suggested that you use darker colours and heavier patterns. Otherwise, it is quite common for larger homes to run porcelain in the hallways and kitchen, while using an attractive natural stone in the vestibule.

Art Niche: A common luxury feature in foyers these days is the art niche. A section in the walls, reserved for vases or statues, to display them properly. The use of granite or marble in the base of these niches, and sometimes the walls, will help to best display and set off the art pieces inside. Fortunately, Dufferin Tile has a wide selection of granite slabs which can be cut to size, or even granite tiles, to help you make your foyer look as beautiful as it should.

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