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The dining room is often the essence of formality in the home. This is where guests are entertained for a dinner party and where families reunite after months apart for the holidays. In short, while your dining room is not always used frequently, its appearance and presentation must be immaculate.

Dining Room Floors: It is quite common for homes that will have natural stone floors, especially polished granite, to bring that stone into the flooring of the dining room. While wood can be beautiful with its warmth and inviting nature, there is nothing that displays formal luxury like natural stone.

Bringing natural stone into your dining room floor usually means that there is an area in your home nearby, such as the kitchen or front entrance, which also has the same stone. Most commonly, this is done with a polished granite. There are many other features which you will wish to display in your dining room, but when they are placed upon a canvas of polished granite, they will be enhanced even further in their beauty.

Granite Tables: Most granite tables which are constructed, are created specifically for dining rooms. With granite slabs often reaching ten feet in length, it is not a difficult matter to create an elegant look that can still seat everyone. With profiles along the size which can be selected to customize your look, a granite table can look both extremely luxurious and personal.

A granite table will combine the beauty of natural stone and the functionality of your dining room table to quickly become a natural focal point for your home. With one piece of furniture, you will be able to set the tone for your entire dining room.

Buffet: Many dining rooms will often have a matching furniture set, included amongst which is a buffet. We have had several requests to create a matching granite countertop for the buffet to further compliment the dining room table. The end result of this is simply to further enhance the formal atmosphere of your dining room.

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