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Most people just think of their dinette as an addition to their kitchen, and not much else. At Dufferin Tile, we know that each and every room in your home is important. Take a look in here to grab a couple more ideas for what you could do in your dinette at home.

Dinette Floors: It is almost certain that the busiest floor in your home is the one in your kitchen. To further complicate things, the right (or wrong!) look in your kitchen can seriously impact the over-all value of your home. Your dinette, being attached to the kitchen, is no different. So what is the right way to approach the flooring in this area?

The shortest, simplest answer, is to look to the floors in the kitchen. These days, the current style and look of a modern home will demand that the choice of tile on the floor of your dinette is the same as in your kitchen. While the dinette is often seen as separate from the kitchen; visually, the two are intricately tied together. You will want to use the dinette to help make your kitchen appear larger and grander, and using the same tile will help achieve that look.

Many dinettes will have sliding glass door entrances to a back yard; and for this reason, it is important to consider using a porcelain tile, for the added strength and durability. Dinettes will also frequently have spacious entrances into other major rooms, such as a dining, family or living room. As such, it is often helpful to find a tile which will show well against the flooring from those rooms.

Natural stone is also a frequent desire for the dinette area. While natural stone is very beautiful to look at, it should be used with the foreknowledge that the traffic seen in the typical dinette will require a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep to preserve its beauty. If natural products are frequently used in your house (granite and marble countertops, solid hardwood floors etc..) then you will find that natural stone will likely be a natural fit for the floor in your dinette.

Granite Tables: Almost every dinette will have a table for casual, everyday meals. But, it raises the question "If I have upgraded my kitchen, am I forced to keep my dinette casual looking?"

Well, fortunately, casual use and casual appearance are two different things. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to have granite countertops installed in their kitchen. To help increase the value and appearance of their home, many of these are also building granite tables cut from the same stone as their countertop.

Having a matching stone is not mandatory, but it does tend to add a touch of elegance. Many people will find it convenient to cut the table at the same time as their countertop, not only for consistency, but also to help keep down additional costs.

The primary concern that many people have with a granite table is the cost. A nice granite table is not considered cheap. But then, neither is a nice wooden table. In addition to this, for the people who have just spent tens of thousands of dollars for a big kitchen renovation, the additional cost to have a granite table is not a large expense to finish off the perfect renovation project.

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