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Now, we all know that washrooms are important. But how important is a powder room really? Well, the answer might be surprising for some people. In most homes, the powder room is the bathroom available for guests and company. A little care and effort made by the home owner can be seen in the smaller details. A large renovation to your ensuite is expensive, and will not be noticed by the casual guest. But, you can be certain that anything done to your powder room will be.

Powder Room Floors: Most powder rooms will be attached to the hallway or the front entrance, and the simple rule is to keep using the same tile. Many people feel that as a separate room, with a door usually closed, it requires a different tile. However, unless there is a very strong and well-planned theme that demands something different on the floor, it is usually best to keep the same tile as is found on the other side of the door.

Powder Room Walls: It is quite common these days for powder rooms to be tiled about forty inches up the wall. Depending on the style of the home, and the powder room, different approaches can be used. It could be useful to use the same tile on both floors and walls. This will give a consistent look to the room, and trick the eye into seeing a larger floor space. Also, decorative wall tiles with trims and inserts can also help create a finished look inside the powder room, a whisper of the luxury and elegance found in the rest of your home.

Granite and Marble Countertops: With natural stone countertops having become so popular, it is hardly a surprise that they are being used in many place beyond just the kitchen. There is nothing better than a countertop of natural stone to display the beauty that can be found in your home.

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