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Dufferin Tile is pleased to offer you an interactive website with many options to make your selection and purchase of tile just that much easier. Additionally, you can scroll down the left side of this page to see a partial list, in alphabetical order, of our most popular lines. Please check back often, as this list will change over time!

It is important to remember that the colours shown in our gallery pictures may not precisely match the physical tile colour.

Selected List of the
Most Popular Tile Lines

Alma Natura

Alma Natura Avorio (Ivory)
Alma Natura Caffe (Brown)
Alma Natura Grigio (Grey)
Alma Natura Rame (Dark Taupe)
Alma Natura Sabbia (Beige)
Alma Natura Tabacco (Light Brown)


Amelia Carbon Polished (12x24) (Dark Grey)
Amelia Carbon (12x24) (Dark Grey)
Amelia Carbon (6x36) (Dark Grey)
Amelia Carbon (18x36) (Dark Grey)
Amelia Earth Polished (12x24) (Brown)
Amelia Earth (12x24) (Brown)
Amelia Earth (6x36) (Brown)
Amelia Earth (18x36) (Brown)
Amelia Mist Polished (12x24) (White)
Amelia Mist (12x24) (White)
Amelia Mist (6x36) (White)
Amelia Mist (18x36) (White)
Amelia Smoke Polished (12x24) (Grey)
Amelia Smoke (12x24) (Grey)
Amelia Smoke (6x36) (Grey)
Amelia Smoke (18x36) (Grey)


Bambu Avorio (Ivory)
Bambu Beige Rosato (Reddish Beige)
Bambu Bruno (Brown)
Bambu Grigio (Grey)
Bambu Nero (Black)
Bambu Sabbia (Beige)


Chambord Lyon (White)
Chambord Lilles (Grey)
Chambord Cannes (Beige)

Please note that any prices on the Web-Site (Excluding our coupons) are only indicative/suggestive and are subject to change. Please confirm with the store prior to making any purchase.