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50% Discount card

Well, a new year has started and for most of January it has been a cold one!

From all of us here at Dufferin Tile, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season (hopefully mostly with the electricity on) and are enjoying the new year.

After a busy holiday season, we know how difficult it can be to afford things like home improvements - especially because even when someone has a sale, that poor credit card might not have recovered from that heavy December yet!

This is why Dufferin Tile has decided to once again offer our discount cards for any customer who comes in to ask for them.

For those of you who were unaware of this promotion, our discount cards offer a 50% discount off from the retail price on any of our tiles - whenever YOU are ready to buy! This means you can get a card just by walking in the store and asking for one, and if you need the discount today or perhaps next week or even the month after... well, that is up to you.

In a certain sense, it means that YOU get to choose when we have a 50% sale. Whenever it is most convenient for you. There just are not many opportunities like this around, so come take advantage of our offer while it lasts!

There is no purchase required, you just come into the store and collect your card. So, what's the catch? There isn't any, we just want to give our customers the chance to have a sale available when they need it most.

James Hardie - Sales Manager, Dufferin Tile - You can e-mail me at

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